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IMAG0411 by marymactavish, on Flickr.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  “I can type with my feet.  Go! Go! I am a MegaTyper!”

MegaTypers is a company offering an online typing job.  They pay you for typing CAPTCHA which are letters, numbers or combination of both used as a challenge to determine a human from a non-human response.  They will pay you from $0.60 to $1.05 for every 1,000 CAPTCHAs you type.  Payment is through PayPal or Liberty Reserve with a minimum cash out of $5.  Signing up is through a referral system and members with referrals earn a commission on the earnings of their referees.  Payment rates are shown below:

MegaTypers Rate MegaTypers

My Experience with MegaTypers

I joined MegaTypers without giving it too much thought.  I was optimistic about it and because I have a good typing speed I thought I can earn well through it.  My initial reaction to the pay rate was disbelief.  I thought to myself that it was very small but the optimist in me chose to ignore that and just give it a try.  I spent so many hours typing.  There were even instances where I woke up very early in the morning, around 5 AM just to catch the higher pay rate.  I was disappointed.  I observed that during the hours when pay rates were higher, the number of CAPTCHA available to type decreases.  You will end up staring at your screen for 30 to 60 seconds before the next CAPTCHA appears.  The higher pay rate was offset by the smaller number of CAPTCHAS you can type.  This made me think that maybe I was better off typing during the smaller pay rates, at least the CAPTCHA are plentiful.  On one saturday, I typed almost 8 hours and earned a measly $1.42.  Talk about slavery.  My  all-time high earnings is $5.51.

My all time high earnings MegaTypers

MegaTypers’s Paypal account is for “verification” as a result, payment through PayPal is currently not available.  This so-called “verification” made PayPal payments unavailable since September 3, 2012.  I find this very strange.  Why is their account for “verification” for the longest time?  Did MegaTypers did something horrible?  It makes you think.

so called verification MegaTypers

My verdict with MegaTypers is this:  Just don’t do it.  It takes a lot of effort to earn a small amount and it is just not worth your time.  There are other better earning opportunities out there.

However, for the very few who do want to try MegaTypers, go on and click on that link and use my affiliate code, 43AR.  Do not tell me I did not warn you.

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  1. hard work is good for this captcha job but you should also use your mind i m using a free software and i type around 900 captcha in 1 hour my daily earning is 5+ as i work with 5 Id in the same time.

    Why do you use paypal if you people have best method of getting paid via Liberty Reserve, later you can exchange your money to paypal.

    Please dont mind me saying all this things.
    but dont blame any one.

    • Arnel Ariate says:

      Hi, Chinmay. Your method is clever but according to MegaTypers terms and conditions, using softwares like that is not allowed. May I know what software you’re using?

    • Earning $20 a day is not possible for any body if and only if he types captchas the whole day working in morning hours and at night. This would be a burdening thing for one person. But if you work night time, you can easily earn $10 as I do, and I create 3 ids in which I work 3 dollars for one id so 3×3 = 9 its that simple. Megatypers software is for free and is fast .

      • Arnel Ariate says:

        I believe softwares or programs that will automate the typing of captchas is against the terms and conditions of MegaTypers. I don’t know, MegaTypers is still too much work for me and I think it is just not a good way of earning money, there are much better ways of earning money.

      • Deepika says:

        can you confirm me mega typer is not fake website, how can i do this job, how can create a mega typer id, what is payment method ?????????

        plssssssss help me out

        • hi deepika i am wania .i will help u.go to the web site of mega typers there will be the option of sing up for freee and u have to register there.

          • Mega typers isn’t fake but the pay is TOO low! For me, it’s not fair. Many, however, earn good enough because they break the policy of using a software/tool to enable them to work fast.

          • Arnel Ariate says:

            You said it perfectly, Nellie. That’s exactly my sentiments.

    • Asim goraya says:

      bro I want to do this business can you help how can i do this ?

      • Arnel Ariate says:

        Hi, Asim. I’m not so sure how I may help you but let’s give it a shot. You may send me the details through the Contact Menu and we can exchange messages through email.

    • whats the name of the software

  2. Deepika says:

    how can create a mega typer id, how can i do this job??????????????????????????

    plsssssss help me out

    • Nihanth says:

      If you want full details i will give them. contact me at It is very easy work . All you should know is typing without seeing. If you have this qualification you are done.

    • Arnel Ariate says:

      Hi, Deepika. You can use 43AR as your referral code or megatyper’s ID to register.

    • prakashsingh says:

      iam looking for a home job from megatypers please help me what can i do tell me

      • Arnel Ariate says:

        Hi, Prakashsingh. You may sign up MegaTypers by using my invitation code which can be found in the article. Earning a significant amount of money through MegaTypers is very difficult based on my experience. What I would rather recommend if you’re serious about an online job is to start your own blog. Blogs are just wonderful as an online business. There are lots of income streams you can tap by using your blog. Also, you may want to look into being a freelance writer as another form of an online job.

  3. I was very excited to find there is one work from home website that isn’t fraud – it’s However, I wish the rates can be increased to at least US$1 to say, 500 captchas/images captured. It feels like a slave driving job earning a measly (lowest) 0.55$ or a high $1.05 per 1000 captchas typed. I tried the job for 1 hr. and 15 mins. and I earned 0.12 cents. It’s quite challenging but I doubt if I can earn the 0.55 cents for 1000 images captured within the day. It pains my eyes.

    Thank you megatypers, anyway. Congratulations for being a legitimate company.

  4. for all the people using magetypers
    read this article

  5. you guys have tried saying may thing about but can anybody tell us which software can really help us out.

    • Arnel Ariate says:

      Hi, Richard. Unfortunately, I don’t know any software that can help and I believe these software are against Megatypers terms of service or rules.

  6. Thank you for your article. Now I really know this site is not worth attention.

  7. hi arnel can you email me at *** i am filiina i a alomost 3 days since i start megatypers.. i have a lot to ask about this. thankyou! :)

    • Arnel Ariate says:

      Hi, MSD. Sure, I’d be happy to help you with those questions. Let’s communicate through email. I got your email address, I just put ** in your email address here so that spammers won’t be able to spam you. :)

    • Aziz Rehman says:

      Hello, I have megatypers work, If you need contact me.

  8. You can earn extra money just by filling out easy surveys from home.
    Perfect for stay at home moms, grandparents, anyone who wants some extra cash.

    Join the company below to start earning:

    • how it works..i regestered mega typers now i am not sure if the give me enough amount of what i supposed to get…I am a full timer mom no job..but i have internet..i dont have money to start investment thats is why im always looking here in the internet hoping i can find an extra income thats not waste my time..pls gives me more idea where i can find one with no scam..thank you..

  9. I Agree with you
    But i can maximize my earning by spreading megatypers affiliate software to allow people register through software (that save me lots of works) , you may my website to get the software (it is free cost and virus free—scanned in

  10. Megatypers Work , Captcha Entry Work , Online Data Entry Work , Free Megatypers Software , Multi Software , Megatypers Unlimited id.

  11. Dost Ali says:

    I can not add my emails on mega typers software. how can i use free mega typers software. kindly tell me.

  12. Virginia says:

    Is it true MEGATYPERS is a scam like paid to click? I just joined a day ago. I’m thinking it’s a scam because there is no forum in their website, a legitimate site have forums, so it means they’re scam because people might have seen complaints from members and will get discourage to work there, and it looks like their admin is difficult to contact. They just ban members without notice? then thats another proof its a scam. I dont think i will work there anymore because they’re getting/forfeit member’s income by banning them? That is not right for any workers, besides an online job should not be below $1 per hour payment, that’s the law, standard is $2. Don’t work anymore from these sites paying cents! worst is below or .001 only. Calculate your internet usage and electricity, your earnings won’t be enough for payment for that from these scam sites.

    • Dear Friends, You want my Feed back on MEGATYPERS and here it is, You will see boost pack option in website and it says that u can easily solve upto 800 images in hour and in order to get that you have to activate boostpack for 4 times i.e. 1boostpack is for 15mins and now they gave you even better option and its called “Auto Boost Pack”. I don’t honestly know if you can solve 800 images in an hour or not using this boostpack option but one thing is for sure, lets say you’re earning money for submitting images and you’re saving in a bucket and what many people doesn’t realizes is that that bucket is having a hole and it was from the company itself and they are proud to present it too. They mentions the price for that bucket too. How convenient.

  13. I can not add my emails on mega typers software. how can i use free mega typers software. kindly tell me.

  14. hi Aziz I m ashfan I have registered on megatyper I want help from u can I get ur contact number plzz


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